Krav Maga

Krav Maga (קרב מגע) which literally means contact combat but which can best be translated into close range combat, is an extremely effective personal defense system. To date, it is the only system in the world that teaches true self-defense in a short time. Krav Maga is a system, not a combat sport, much less a martial art. The difference between them is that combat sports like boxing, savate, kickboxe, thai boxing, mma, etc. they are sports aimed at competing for points and victories, on a ring or a tatami. Martial arts such as karate, aikido, judo, taijutsu, tai chi or taijiquan, baguazhang, etc. they are philosophical arts concentrated for the inner, spiritual good, in fact many of them have forms such as kata or "dances" (see tajiquan or baguazhang). The system is a set of different interconnected and interacting elements. Krav Maga has physical, mathematical and biomechanical bases, therefore functional and extremely effective. Do you want to know more about Krav Maga and its history? Buy now the book by Maestro Gaetano Lo Presti, the proceeds are totally donated to charity.

The symbol of Krav Maga

The Krav Maga logo is a stylistic symbol where the letters K (ק) and M (מ) in Hebrew are artistically represented enclosed in an open circle. The open circle means that it is an open system, where obsolete techniques can come out of the system, while new techniques, always based on the principles of the system, can become part of it. An example of new techniques that have entered Krav Maga are some pistol disarming techniques. This is because the functioning of short firearms today are different from drum pistols, so for evolutionary need, Krav Maga has adapted to the new technology to allow you to save your life in the event of a close threat from a pistol.

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Who founded Krav Maga?

Watch Krav Maga Videos

Watch Krav Maga Videos, but watch out for fakes! Try to watch the videos of the founder and his direct students if you want to be sure you are watching the real Krav Maga.

Watch the History Channel video where you can see why Krav Maga techniques really work.

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