Krav Maga Messina

Krav Maga in the Province of Messina began to spread in 2010 thanks to Grand Master of Krav Maga Gaetano Lo Presti, where with courses and performances he managed to popularize Krav Maga in the City of Messina by forming several talented students, some belonging to special departments and elite military and police forces. Special mention goes to the students Maurizio (assistant instructor) and Giuseppe (instructor). The first was the one who brutally attacked the Master with a real sharp knife during performances and demonstrations on real self-defense techniques from threat and knife attacks. Giuseppe became personal assistant of Maestro Gaetano Lo Presti during his private workouts.

Krav Maga, Self Defence Systems, Combat Sports and Martial Arts in Messina

After Grand Master of Krav Maga Gaetano Lo Presti introduced Krav Maga in Messina, Krav Maga instructors and masters began to sprout like mushrooms throughout the province of Messina, teaching illusion. To date in the entire province of Messina, Maestro Gaetano Lo Presti and his students are the only ones who know the Real Krav Maga, the one handed down by Imi Lichtenfeld. The rest are incapable, improvised. Many have acquired diplomas and have become incompetent instructors. Others teach other disciplines by passing them off as Krav Maga. In the Province of Messina there are good athletes and good teachers of Martial Arts and Combat Sports, but they are very few. The rest is formed by incompetence. Personal Defense the real and functional one is Krav Maga, there is nothing else. For the rest, always be wary of those who teach two or more disciplines. So if you want to learn Krav Maga, currently in Messina there is no Krav Maga teacher since Master Lo Presti does not teach in Messina right now. On Combat Sports, go to those who have won competitions. On martial arts go to Judo. Forget the rest. Forget about federations, associations, sports movements, ranks, belts, federal offices and so on. Rather it is better to go and learn to Latin American dances than to rely on incapable ones with the risk of getting hurt and learning the illusion, because it is better to be Students of Reality than Masters of Illusion.

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Krav Maga Messina and Jewish Community

Among the students of the Grand Master of Krav Maga Gaetano Lo Presti there were Israelis and belonging to the Jewish Community, considering the Grand Master Gaetano Lo Presti the only competent instructor of Krav Maga in the city.