Krav Maga Messina

Grand Master Gaetano Lo Presti was the one who founded and disseminated Krav Maga in Messina, Sicily, Italy, a real Israeli self-defense system.

Why learn Krav Maga?

Krav Maga is a Real Self Defense System, the only system in the world that learns to defend yourself in a short time. Behind Krav Maga there are physical, mathematical and biomechanical foundations.

The Self Defense System that Saves Your Life

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Who is Gaetano Lo Presti?

"Feel student and not teacher. Have the humility to learn from those who can pass on something to you. Have the humility to be student, don't expect or buy degrees that you don't deserve and humbly accept what is given to you. Train yourself, update yourself as Student, not Master, because a Real Master is simply a Student. " G. Lo Presti

Pure Passion for Krav Maga.

Grand Master Gaetano Lo Presti is the one who introduced and divulged the real Krav Maga in the Messina district, in Sicily, becoming a real legend. Messina, a city, a province formed by a few students of reality and many masters of illusion.

What is Krav Maga?

Krav Maga (Short Distance Combat) is the most effective real self defense system based on principles of physics, mathematics and biomechanics, created by the Grand Master Imi Lichtenfeld. Initially used by the Israeli army (IDF), military special forces (SAYERET) and secret service agents (MOSSAD and SHIN BET).

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Gaetano Lo Presti

Krav Maga Book

Better to be Students of Reality than Masters of Illusion.

Where to learn Krav Maga in Messina?

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